• small Ultra cleaner
  • DH-50
  • small Ultra cleaner
  • Capacity: 0.8L / 1.2L, Power: 50W.
In addition to its cleaning function, small Ultra cleaner DH-50 also has various functions such as extraction, emulsification, accelerated dissolution, pulverization, and dispersion.
Product Introduction
In addition to its inherent cleaning function, small Ultra cleaner DH-50 also has multiple functions such as extraction, emulsification, accelerated dissolution, crushing, and dispersion. It is widely used in the manufacturing and maintenance cleaning of industries such as machinery, electronics, plastics, instruments, environmental protection, pharmaceuticals, packaging, military, aerospace, ships, and automobiles. It is also used for cleaning experimental materials such as pipettes and vessels, degassing treatment before chromatography, and cleaning of medical equipment, materials, and utensils. It is suitable for cleaning jewelry, watches, precious metals, gemstones, coins, glasses, and other items.

Product Features  
Power Failure Protection Memory function for working parameters in case of power failure
Digital Display Screen Digital display for ultrasonic cleaning time setting and countdown display for working time
Adjustable Time Total working time can be set from 1-600 minutes
High-Quality Material The inner and outer shell of the instrument and the sound-reducing cover are made of high-quality stainless steel

Working principle
By means of the transducer, the acoustic energy of the power ultrasonic source is converted into mechanical vibration, and the ultrasonic wave is radiated into the cleaning solution in the tank through the cleaning tank wall. Due to the radiation of the ultrasonic wave, the microbubbles in the liquid in the tank can rapidly grow and burst under the action of the sound wave. The high-intensity shear force generated by the burst acts on various types of samples, achieving cleaning, extraction, emulsification, accelerated dissolution, pulverization, dispersion and other effects.

Application Fields
• Cleaning of consumables such as glassware, centrifuge tubes; degassing of liquid reagents; sample crushing, homogenization, dispersion
• Thorough cleaning and restoration of watches, precious metals and gems, chains and other jewelry
• Deep cleaning of precision bearings, fuel injectors, metal and plastic workpieces, removal of dust and grease
• Cleaning and disinfection of medical equipment such as surgical and dental instruments
• Removal of oil and dust from optical microscope lenses, camera lenses, and quartz precision glassware

Technical Specifications  
Model: DH-50
Capacity: 0.8L / 1.2L
Frequency: 40KHz
Power: 50W
Time Adjustable: 1-120 min
Basket: /
Sound-reducing Cover: Yes
Drainage: /
Net Weight: 1.2Kg
Internal Slot Size: 145*80*65mm / 145*80*100mm
Package Size: 230*170*250mm

D Series Parameter List                
Model Capacity (L) Frequency (KHz) Ultrasonic Power (W) Adjustable Time (min) Drainage Mesh Basket Tank (L.W.H) (mm) Packing Size (mm)
DH-50 0.8 40 50 1-120 / / 145*80*65 230*170*250
DH-50 1.2 40 50 1-120 / / 145*80*100 230*170*250
DH-80 2 40 80 1-120 / / 155*140*100 240*230*300
DH-100D 4.5 40 100 1-600 / Available 300*150*100 400*240*435
DH-120D 3 40 120 1-600 / Available 240*140*100 325*230*300
DH-120D 5 40 120 1-600 / Available 240*140*150 325*230*350
DH-3200D 6 40 180 1-999 / Available 300*155*150 400*240*380
DH-5200D 10 40 240 1-999 Available Available 300*240*150 450*325*375
DH-5200D 10 40 360 1-999 Available Available 300*240*150 450*325*375
DH-4200D 14.4 40 480 1-999 Available Available 300*240*200 445*320*460
DH25-12D 22.5 40 600 1-999 Available Available 500*300*150 640*395*375
DH25-12D 22.5 40 720 1-999 Available Available 500*300*150 640*395*375
DH-800D 30 40 840 1-999 Available Available 500*300*200 600*500*375

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DH-50 Unit
Host Machine Unit
Cleaning machine cover piece
Mesh basket piece
Power cord piece
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