• Thermostatic oil Bath
  • DH-15
  • Thermostatic oil Bath
  • Temperature range: room temperature +5℃ to 100℃, capacity: 15L
DH-15A Thermostatic oil Bath adopts microcomputer intelligent control system. Equipped with a circulation pump, it can draw the constant temperature liquid outside the bath to establish a second constant temperature field.
Product Introduction
Widely used in research departments, higher education institutions, enterprise quality inspection, production departments and industries such as petroleum, chemical, electronic instruments, physics, chemistry, bioengineering, medicine, life sciences, light industry food, material testing, and chemical analysis, to provide users with a liquid environment that is cold, hot, and uniformly controlled, with a temperature fluctuation of ±0.05℃ or ±0.1℃ optional. The LED double window red and green lights dual-color display or the large screen LCD display can be selected for temperature display. The touch soft keys allow for quick temperature setting and easy operation. The microcomputer corrects the temperature measurement deviation, and the temperature display accuracy of 0.1℃ or 0.01℃ can be selected. It has an over-temperature alarm system.

Technical Parameters  
Model: DH-15
Temperature Range: Ambient +5℃ to 100℃
Temperature Fluctuation: ±0.05℃
Numerical Resolution: 0.1/0.01℃
Working Tank Capacity: 15L (300×240×200㎜)
Tank Depth: 200㎜
Circulating Pump Flow Rate: 0-15 L/min
Tank Opening: 235×160㎜
Drain Outlet: Yes
Net Weight: 12.84 Kg
Package Size: 423×393×570㎜

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Product List
DH-15 Unit
Host Machine Unit
Thermostatic bath cover piece
Thermostatic bath hose piece
Power cord piece
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Warranty card copy
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